Arcadia High School Students Get Perfect SAT Scores

The odds are high to have one, but Arcadia High School managed to have 3 students achieve perfect SAT scores.

It’s estimated that about 1 in several thousand students is able to achieve the elusive perfect SAT score of 2400. Arcadia High School seems to have beat those odds by producing three students who aced their SAT’s.

Jeffrey Wang, Hanah Lee and Titus Wu each earned a perfect score and are relieved that their hard work has paid off. What’s impressive about these students is, not only their commitment to academics, but how active they are in other activities such as clubs, sports and even the Boy Scouts.

All three students were completely surprised by their perfect SAT results and stressed how important trying their best in school and lots of reading was to their success.

Curated by: Dominic Sanchez
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