Arcadia’s Plan To Kill Coyotes Angers PETA

Increased sightings of coyotes in Arcadia prompts City Council to hire a company to get rid of them.

The problem however, is how the animals will be removed. Rather than relocating them, the company hired by Arcadia’s City Council will be paid to catch and euthanize the coyotes.

PETA, the animal rights activist group, quickly shot back by sending a letter to The City of Arcadia and Mayor Tom Beck. They referred to the decision as cruel and suggested nonlethal ways of removing the coyotes.

This isn’t the first time Arcadia has eliminated coyotes. Back in 2010 – 2011, the city implemented a similar program, euthanizing about 20 coyotes.

It’s unclear whether PETA’s efforts will make a difference since the city staff’s recommendation of educating residents on measures to minimize coyote presence had little effect on deterring the Council from approving the lethal option.


Source: SGV Tribune
mage: WikiMedia Commons

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