Burglars Break Into Popular Restaurants in Monrovia

Smashburger and Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Monrovia fall victim to burglars.

When police arrived at the popular Monrovia eateries in response to an alarm call, they saw a car leaving the scene. When the officers tried to pull the car over, it fled, leading police on a chase.

Despite the suspects jumping out of the car and fleeing, police officers were able to catch the three men suspected of breaking into the two Monrovia restaurants.

The incident took place early Monday morning at the Smashburger and Menchie’s located at 606 W. Huntington Drive. The men have been identified as:

  • Joshua Harris, 18, of Colton
  • Danny Ownes, 21, of Colton
  • Rahshi Treadwell, 23, of Long Beach

They were arrested on conspiracy to commit a crime, suspicion of burglary and felony evading.


Source: Monrovia Patch
mage: Google Maps

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