About Us

About SGV Up Close
Photo by JSAWKINS / CC BY-SA 2.0

There are stories to be told about San Gabriel Valley. We’re here to tell them.

The San Gabriel Valley is an ethnically diverse and thriving cultural region. Home to some of the best recreational areas, exquisite hotels and restaurants, and of course great entertainment venues. With a deep and rich history, the SGV offers a wealth of stories to be told.

SGV UP CLOSE will be a new online and television short documentary format series that takes a dynamic and entertaining excursion throughout the San Gabriel Valley scene. Our documentary style videos will give the viewer an insider’s look of what the SGV is all about.

Our storytelling approach via documentary style vignettes will engage and captivate viewers way beyond traditional hard news video content. Our featured stories will venture onto roads less traveled in order to create fresh and provocative content as well as explore the overlooked nuggets that makes our community so unique.

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