La Puente Artwalk 2014

Can The ArtWalk Save Old Town La Puente?

The City of La Puente and local organizers try to save their town with the arts.

The City of La Puente is a small pocket community nestled in the southeastern part of the San Gabriel Valley. The city has an interesting and rich history but has seen its share of gang activity and a lack of growth in recent years. Hope is not lost however, as a group of activists, artists, and the city itself are counting on a quarterly showcase of music, art, and social events to help revitalize this quaint community.

The ArtWalk features several exhibits ranging from street poets to live music and food vendors and of course, all sorts of art forms. Their goal is to bring, not only local residents, but outsiders as well with the purpose of breathing life into the almost desolate downtown area. Only time will tell if the arts will be enough to help La Puente fulfill the potential promise of a thriving community.

City of La Puente ArtWalk from CineQuest Productions on Vimeo.

La Puente Councilman
La Puente Councilman discussing plans with ArtWalk organizers
Producer Dominic Sanchez at La Puente ArtWalk
SGV Up Close Producer Dominic Sanchez at the ArtWalk

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