Crazy Ex Girlfriend West Covina

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Putting West Covina In Limelight

The television show chose West Covina as the setting of its popular comedy musical which airs on the CW.

When it comes to filming in California, Los Angeles usually takes the cake. This time around however, it was a smaller suburb in the San Gabriel Valley that has the starring role. The City of West Covina has become the backdrop of CW’s comedy, “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

For those of you not familiar with the middle-income suburb, it’s located about 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles with a diverse population of about 110,000, several big box stores and a mall the whole town is proud of.

Show creators Rachel Bloom and Brosh McKenna felt West Covina depicted what a contemporary suburb is like but more interestingly, they loved the sound of it. They felt it was a great word for the the show’s main character to sing about.

Locals are excited about local filming and even the Mayor, who’s a fan by the way, has expressed how thrilled he is. Besides the revenues the city makes on filming fees, he hopes the exposure will bring more people and more business to West Covina.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the comedy show, it’s about a depressed lawyer (Rachel Bloom) who follows an old crush (Vincent Rodriguez III) from New York to West Covina in hopes of reigniting an old flame (see video clip below).



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