Arcadia IHOP

IHOP in Arcadia Is Breakfast Worthy

Why are we reviewing an IHOP in Arcadia? Because it was pretty yummy.

We know The San Gabriel Valley is full of unbranded gems when it comes to eating out and we’ll cover those soon enough, but we just happened to drop by the IHOP in Arcadia for some breakfast so we figure we’ll share our experience. We stopped by on a Saturday around 11 am and were expecting the place to be pretty packed. To our surprise, there seemed to be a descent amount of people but nothing too overwhelming. We were seated as soon as we walked through the door and our server was very friendly.

Producer Dominic Sanchez at Arcadia IHOP
Producer Dominic Sanchez enjoying some breakfast at IHOP in Arcadia

All things considered, the service was pretty good. Coffee was brought to our table promptly (bonus points!) as well as our drinks. We were ready to order and the SGV Up Close crew went with breakfast all around. It’s IHOP so quite honestly we were counting on waiting awhile before our food arrived. Again, another pleasant surprise as the order for our party of four arrived about 15 to 20 minutes later – which believe me – is not bad at all. So far so good for IHOP in Arcadia. The scrambled eggs were just right and the sausage was moist. I would have liked a bit of extra crunch on my hash browns, but this certainly didn’t take away from the overall quality of the breakfast platter.

SGV Up Close at IHOP Arcadia
Can’t go wrong with a traditional: eggs, sausage, and hash-browns.

Finally, the best for last. Why so many of us really come to IHOP… PANCAKES!! If this is what you came for, know that it’s a gut bursting indulgence and you can count on throwing carb control out the window. These aren’t the best pancakes we’ve had but they hold up pretty well. Although they were a bit to thick (we needed quite a bit of coffee to wash them down), they did taste fresh as did the banana slices thrown on top. We would rather have seen fresh strawberries and peaches but it seems IHOP uses canned fruits in syrup. They do try to make up for it with a nice cloud of whipped cream on top and the great thing is you have about 4 varieties of syrups to choose from – even more for those adventurous enough to make their own syrupy concoctions by mixing them (yes – that would be me).

Pancakes at IHOP in Arcadia
There goes our diet. Pancakes at IHOP in Arcadia

We found some pretty solid reviews online for the IHOP in Arcadia and after our visit I’d say we would agree. The service was friendly and the food was good. We all left with bellies full and no complaints. This IHOP gets a thumbs up from the SGV Up Close crew.


IHOP in Arcadia:
1113 S Baldwin Ave



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