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Put Out The Fire – Blaze Pizza Monrovia Not As Hot As The Hype

The SGV Up Close review on Blaze Pizza Monrovia

The SGV Up Close crew stopped by recently at Blaze Pizza Monrovia for a bite to eat. I’ll start off by saying the place is nice and spacious but as you walk up to order, you do get that sense of Chipotle style service: a factory line of young and enthusiastic pizza builders, each contributing their part to the creation of your pie.
We can’t attest to the freshness of the ingredients but I can tell you they sure don’t look like your run of the mill, out of the bag toppings. We ordered a pepperoni, sausage, and cheese pizza. These certainly weren’t your miniature meat sizes either. We’re talking about small boulders of sausages and nice big pepperoni slices. The unevenly distributed chunks of mozzarella cheese however, left something to be desired. I would have preferred the shredded variety for a more even melt over the whole surface – but that may just be a matter of personal preference.
Blaze Pizza Monrovia Prep Station
Photo by: SGV Up Close
Once our pie was assembled, it was handed to the “Ovenators.” Okay, I made that name up, although there were a couple of guys at the end whose job it was to place our pizza in the “blazing” hot oven. We paid and headed to our table and within a few minutes our pizza was ready. We were really looking forward to biting into our pie considering we stopped by on the recommendation of some friends.
Blaze Pizza Monrovia
Photo by: SGV Up Close
The pizza was nice and hot but not as fully cooked as we would have liked. Maybe the oven guys felt the need to cut the oven time a bit short due to the number of people waiting. Although there was no shortage of meat, there was no impressive flavor or spices coming through and the pizza was bland overall. The thin crust got cold pretty quick and it felt like we were eating a Totino’s pizza.
Dominic at Blaze Pizza Monrovia
SGV Up Close Producer Dominic Sanchez
We’ve had some good thin crust pizza in the past – this was not one of them. If you’re looking for a cheap and quick pie in which flavor is not important, then Blaze Pizza might have a flicker of hope. If you’re hoping for a great tasting thin crust pizza, well, unfortunately that expectation went up in smoke.

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