car crash into control unit in front of Holly Avenue Elementary

Car Knocks Over Traffic Light Control Unit in Front of a Crowded Holly Avenue Elementary

As parents dropped off children, the busy intersection in front of Holly Avenue Elementary was the scene of a dangerous car accident.

A car accident this morning occurred as parents dropped off their children at Holly Avenue Elementary. During the accident, a traffic light control unit was toppled over just a few feet from an intersection at Holly Avenue and Duarte Road, where parents and children cross to get to school.

The accident caused the traffic light to lose power creating a traffic build up along Duarte Road. Police were on the scene directing traffic and investigating the cause of the accident.

**UPDATE: According to witnesses, the accident occurred sometime before 8:00 am before most parents started arriving and luckily no one was seriously hurt.

car accident in front of Holly Avenue Elementary

car accident holly avenue elementary

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