Blanca Ramirez 7 continent marathon runner

Blanca Ramirez of La Puente Might Be Youngest Girl To Run Marathons in 7 Continents

12 year old Blanca Ramirez, from La Puente, ran an incredible 7 marathons in 7 continents – possibly making her the youngest girl to do so.

Growing up in a very competitive family, Blanca found herself trying to find a way to come out from under the shadows of her older sisters. Surprisingly, a trip to Disneyland provided that opportunity. After participating in a 5k marathon at the famed Disney park, Blanca fell in love with running. Soon after, she found herself running in marathons in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Upon reading a story about Winter Vinecki, a 14 year old girl from Oregon who ran seven marathons in seven continents, Blanca was inspired.  Her family fully supported her wish to take on the seven continent marathon challenge, realizing that completing it would make Blanca the youngest girl to accomplish the feat.

Blanca embarked on an unforgettable journey which would test, not only her physical endurance, but her mental fortitude as well. With her family by her side for most of the trip, she started her world tour:

The journey was not an easy one, “I was excited, tired and I just wanted to sit down,” Blanca said shortly after finishing her last marathon. She and her family are back home, all proud of what Blanca accomplished. Now, it’s a waiting game as they wait for all marathon results to be verified. If everything checks out, Blanca will hold the record for youngest female to complete the challenge. Either way, there’s no doubt her achievement will serve as an inspiration for others.


Curated by: Dominic Sanchez
Image Credit: Blanca Ramirez
Source: Story originally published in the SGV Tribune





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