Rep Norma Torres kicked out of immigration meeting

Hispanic Congresswoman Norma Torres Kicked Out Of Immigration Meeting

Congresswoman Norma Torres, D-Pomona, prevented from attending a meeting with the head of I.C.E..

Representative Torres was among a group of Congressional Hispanic Caucus members who tried to attend a meeting with the current head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.).

The mission was to get insight on the current state of affairs with immigration policies – specifically with the wave of recent arrests of immigrants across the nation.

Torres made it inside the meeting when she was told to leave by Republican Representative and House judiciary committee Chair, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. She said the removal hurt not only her, but her constituents as well.

In an email statement, Congresswoman Norma Torres said the following:

Today was further proof that the Trump administration doesn’t want to hear from people who disagree with them or don’t fit with their version of reality…The people of California’s 35th (Congressional) District sent me here to represent them and their interests before the federal government, and today we were prohibited from doing so.”

It’s not the first time ICE officials have tried to avoid the Caucus. Earlier in the week, the immigration and customs agency canceled a previously scheduled meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Aside from Representative Torres, Representative Luis Gutierrez from Illinois was also prevented from entering the meeting.

Although Democrats support the deportation of serious criminals, their fear is that under President Donald Trump’s orders, ICE will indiscriminately cast a wide net which will deport non-criminal undocumented immigrants as well.


Source: The Sun
Image: Mashable

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