Monterey Park takes on Trump on immigration

Monterey Park Takes On Donald Trump

The City of Monterey Park takes a stand against Trump’s immigration policies.

Although not officially calling itself a “sanctuary city,” Monterey Park’s City Council declared it would not cooperate with current federal immigration policies.

In an interim resolution authored by Vice-Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian, the city stated its dedication to “preserving the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction.”  It also goes on to say:

The City of Monterey Park prides itself on its 100 year history of diversity and dedication to helping its residents achieve the American Dream. The diverse population of residents with different religious affiliations, races, national or ethnic origins, gender and sexual orientation contribute to the City’s economic and social fabric by establishing and patronizing businesses, contributing to arts and culture, and achieving significant ed ucational accomplishments.

The resolution was drawn up in response to President Trump’s executive order requiring cities to cooperate with federal immigration authorities or risk losing federal funds. Despite some concerns, there was a good amount of support for the resolution by council members and local residents, many who have immigration stories of their own.

A final resolution is expected to be presented by July 4th.


Source: SGV Journal
mages: Flickr / Experiencing LA

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