best cities for renters in the San Gabriel Valley

The Best Cities for Renters in The San Gabriel Valley

Find out which two places made NerdWallet’s top 10 list of best cities for renters in The San Gabriel Valley.

NerdWallet conducted a study to find affordable housing in Southern California and two San Gabriel Valley cities made their top 10 list:

9. Monrovia

The growing city at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains known for its farmer’s market in popular Old Town Monrovia took the # 9 spot on the list. With a a vacancy rate of 6.1% and median rent of $1,832, Monrovia had more rentals available than any other city on the list. According to NerdWallet, the historically rich city with small town charm is made up of a roughly 50/50 split between renters and homeowners.

10. San Gabriel

A center for culture and art and home to the San Gabriel Mission, this diverse city nestled in the western region of the San Gabriel Valley rounds out the list. Although it had a lower vacancy rate than Monrovia (4.9%), it had the lowest median rent among the top 10 at $1,798.

Honorable Mention:

13. South Pasadena

Coming in at a very respectable position, just 3 shy from breaking into the top 10, South Pasadena earns an honorable mention as one of the top cities in the San Gabriel Valley for renters. Found near the southwestern part of the valley, this well preserved city came in with a 2.3% vacancy rate and median rent of $1,933. The city considers itself one of the first suburbs of Los Angeles and with its small town quality and close vicinity to downtown L.A., it certainly deserves its place.

To determine the top cities for Southern California renters, NerdWallet looked at availability, affordability, and access to work. The top choices had higher than average vacancy rates and lower median rents than other cities.


Curated by: Dominic Sanchez
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Source: Story originally published on NerdWallet

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