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SGV Up Close is a community news site covering the latest news, views and things to do around the San Gabriel Valley. We invite you to take part in creating news and sharing stories you care about as a community journalist – after all, who better to inform our community than the community itself.

As one of our community journalists, we ask that you share our values for fairness, accuracy, and accountability.

SGV Up Close Editorial Guidelines:

We strive for high standards of fairness, accuracy, and accountability. If you share those values, you are welcome to contribute articles, photographs, audio or video reporting. Here are some guidelines for publication of articles on SGV Up Close. These guidelines are a work-in-progress and welcome your suggestions and comments.

1. We look for news stories with a local angle from local writers. It can even mean stories of global events, but with a local connection.

2. Accuracy is essential. Check and double-check facts and quotations. Identify the sources of your information.

3. We care about fairness and transparency. Personal perspective is good-but please identify your relationship with the story. For example: if you are writing a restaurant review, and the restaurant is owned by your cousin, say so. If you worked on politician X’s campaign in the past, disclose that.

4. While we publish some opinion articles, we are primarily interested in news reporting that does not contain the writers’ commentary or analysis. We look for news, rather than philosophical argument or history. Sometimes historical background is necessary to clarify or situate a news story, but this is secondary to the news.

5. In most cases, shorter is generally better.

6. If we choose to publish your article, there is a good chance our editorial team will edit it. We don’t expect you to produce perfect content, but we care about clean and optimized copy. Please check spelling, grammar, and punctuation using your word processing tools. Double-check the spelling of names, the exact names of organizations, addresses, URLs, etc.

7. We will not publish articles that are overtly racist, spam, probably libelous, threatening, contain personal attacks, is sexually explicit, infringes on someone’s copyright, or something that is untrue or has an obvious error (i.e. misquoting a statistic).

8. All writing should be original writing, images used should be yours and commercial advertising should be avoided (we do have native and sponsored content opportunities available which can be discussed with our advertising team).

What kind of content can I submit?

If you feel it’s relevant to the San Gabriel Valley community, go ahead and submit it and we’ll review it. What you submit should be about real events, or real opinions on events. It’s not news if you make it up. Great articles usually teach us something new or start a fresh discussion. Here are some additional content ideas:

  • Local events
  • Local politics
  • City board meetings (results and issues discussed)
  • Stories about people living and/or working in the SGV
  • Local sports (high school, local leagues, etc.)
  • Places to visit in SGV
  • Restaurant reviews (unbiased)
  • Spot news (accidents, fires, crime, etc.)

Community journalism is a great way to build your portfolio, sharpen your reporter skills, gain experience if you’re starting out, or simply have your voice heard. Not only do we provide a platform that you can make your own, we offer our CJ’s (community journalists) resources to become better journalists and the opportunity to become an integral part of your community.

*CJ’s are not paid but are given recognition in bylines, story attributions, and authorship bios.

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about becoming a community journalist.

Interested? Tell us a little about you and someone from our editorial team will get back to you to help you get started.



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